Located in Outremont, the OM project offers its residents large, high-end rental units, providing stylish comfort and spacious living areas. The immaculate quality of OM’s design makes it a distinctive project in Montreal.


  • Large balconies
  • High quality premium heating and cooling system included
  • Top-end appliances included
  • Washer/dryer in each unit
  • Excellent soundproofing
  • Majority of units with more than one bathroom


  • Fitness studio
  • Oversized foyer
  • Bike workshop with dedicated storage area
  • Storage spaces
  • Commercial ground floor with direct access within the building
  • Indoor parking spaces
  • Access control using leading-edge technology
  • Camera surveillance
  • Car-sharing service in the parking lot
  • Charging station for electric vehicles
  • Access control point for parcel delivery (private delivery for private mail)
  • Private exterior landscaping facing Manseau Street

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